The members of the IPP publish in internationally peer-reviewed journals and also contribute to a range of policy-relevant publications. Please find below a selection of the publications of the IPP members from the previous years.


Author(s) Publication
Dormann, C., Guthier, C. & Voelkle, M.C. (2020) Reciprocal Effects between Job Stressors and Burnout: A Continuous Time Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies. Psychological Bulletin, 146(12), 1146 1173.doi/10.1037/bul0000304
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Quiring, O., Jackob, N., & Marcus Maurer (2020) Traditionen und Transformationen des Öffentlichen. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag
Quiring, O., Jackob, N., & Marcus Maurer (2020) Traditionen und Transformationen des Öffentlichen. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag
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Author(s) Publication
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Author(s) Publication
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Author(s) Publication
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